We publish the proceedings of each AnimalHack event as a book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Selected participants will be invited to extend their project abstracts and publish them as book chapters.

Proceedings of AnimalHack 2024


Proceedings of AnimalHack 2023

Sarasa Ouchi, Yuma Karube and Banri Ouchi (eds.), Unleashing Technology Innovations for Positive Human-animal Relationships: Tales from AnimalHack 2023, Binnovative Innovation Book Series, 66 pages, Binnovative, ISBN: 979-8-8722-5466-9, January 2024.

Book cover design: Banri Ouchi
AnimalHack logo design: Sougou Tojima

This book compiles some of the award-winning projects from AnimalHack 2023, which is an annual international hackathon for anyone who interacts with any animals – including pets, service animals, farm animals and wild animals. AnimalHack addresses various needs, wants and challenges in interacting with animals and seeks creative solutions (hacks) to innovate human-animal relationships with technology (https://animalhack.org/).

This book consists of the following 5 chapters:

  • Hanna Suzuki, Cloud-assisted Electronic Deer Repeller
  • Shun Nagata and Rei Nagata, Squirrel Repeller
  • Yuma Karube, Hydrate Cat
  • Soham Vij, Pet Picker: Criteria Search for Suitable Pets