We are a group of students from the Boston, New York and Seattle areas who were disappointed with the lack of international, open hackathons that focus on animals, so we started our own in 2023.

AnimalHack is a student-organized online hackathon for anyone who interacts with any animals – including pets, service animals, farm animals and wild animals.

AnimalHack offers a platform that inspires you to think of needs, wants and challenges in interacting with animals. It is intended to help you ignite creative solutions (hacks) with technology and innovate human-animal relationships.

AnimalHack welcomes anyone of all ages and all technical skills, from limited experience to advanced. 

Entry is free.

AnimalHack is hosted by Binnovative, a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts.


Launched in 2023, AnimalHack takes place annually – usually early fall.


We publish the proceedings of each AnimalHack event as a book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Selected participants will be invited to extend their project abstracts and publish them as book chapters.


AnimalHack 2024 (September 8, 2024):

  • Yuma Karube (Co-chair)
  • Rei Nagata
  • Shun Nagata
  • Banri Ouchi (Co-chair)
  • Hanna Suzuki
  • Alyssa Yasuhara

AnimalHack 2023 (September 10, 2023):

  • Yuma Karube (Co-chair)
  • Yua Murakami
  • Banri Ouchi
  • Sarasa Ouchi (Co-chair)
  • Hanna Suzuki
  • Sougou Tojima

Advisory Board

  • Sarasa Ouchi
  • Eriko Nishimoto


We run an online store where you can find gifts for yourself, a family member or a friend.  

Apparel: T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are available!